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A Health Services Research editorial by Jeff Kullgren was recently highlighted in The Hospitalist. Kullgren argues that there is hope that reporting of quality and costs can steer consumers to providers and facilities that generate the best health outcomes for the resources utilized. If many consumers use these reports in this way, this could potentially improve the overall value of health care spending.


Wendy Uhlmann, MS, CGC, clinical professor of internal medicine and human genetics, became the first genetic counselor and the first faculty member at the U-M Medical School to achieve the rank of clinical professor with a master’s degree. Congratulations!

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Many aspects of CKD management rely heavily on patient self-care, including medication and dietary adherence, self-monitoring of BP, and daily physical activity.

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Study finds that despite the rise in these high-deductible health plans, most Americans who have them aren’t saving for health care costs, shopping around for better prices, talking to their doctors about costs or making other smart consumer moves. This suggests opportunity for insurers, employers and health care providers to to better help patients. Jeff Kullgren was lead author on the study.


A recent BMJ Opinion articles provides a summary of important work related to ending gender inequality and harassment in medicine. Work by Reshma Jagsi and others are highlighted.