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At CBSSM, we perform the basic and applied scientific research that will improve health care policy and practice to benefit patients and their families, health care providers, third-party payers, policy makers, and the general public.  In our "Interactive Decision" web feature, we turn a recent research finding into an interactive decision that a patient or policy maker might face.  Read, decide, click—and see how your answers compare with those collected in national research surveys.

Click below to check out our new Interactive Decision: "Liver Transplant Organ Quality Decision Aid: Would you consider a less than perfect liver?"

CBSSM News & Events

Geoff Barnes weighs pros and cons of atrial fibrillation meds in UofMHealthBlogs
In a recent UofMHealth blog, Geoffrey Barnes weighs the pros and cons of Warfarin and Pradax, two atrial fibrillation medications.
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Raymond De Vries' 2006 article recently cited in New Scientist 04/06/2016
Raymond De Vries and colleagues’ 2006 article, “Normal Misbehavior: Scientists Talk about the Ethics of Research” was recently cited in New Scientist article and a Transhuman Tech blog about (dis)honesty in scientific research.
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CBSSM Seminar: Anna Kirkland, JD, PhD 05/05/2016
Anna Kirkland, JD, PhD Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Associate Professor, Women's Studies and Political Science (by courtesy)
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