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Due to food safety concerns, the FDA recently released a statement that strongly advises the public from indulding in raw cookie dough. In Brian Zikmund-Fisher response to the FDA's warning in The Conversation, he discusses balancing the minimization of risk with the maximization of life: "...let’s all please remind ourselves that our goal is not to minimize all risk, no matter the cost. Our goal is to maximize life. Sometimes maximizing life means warning people that their flour is contaminated and making sure they throw it out. Sometimes maximizing life means letting them enjoy some (carefully prepared) cookie dough without shame."

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AMA Journal of Ethics features commentaries by Andrew Shuman, Lauren Smith, and Christian Vercler
The August 2016 issue of AMA Journal of Ethics features commentaries by Christian Vercler, Lauren Smith, and Andrew Shuman.
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CBSSM Co-Director Ray De Vries on ethical concerns in biobank research 07/14/2016
A new article in The Conversation authored by CBSSM Co-Director Raymond De Vries and colleague Tom Tomlinson from Michigan State University explores ethical concerns that may arise when patients donate blood and tissue samples to biobanks. The article highlights results from their national survey, which indicated that respondents were not solely concerned with privacy, but had moral concerns about how their donations could be used in future research.
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CBSSM Seminar: Minal Patel, PhD, MPH 09/08/2016
Minal R. Patel, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education
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