Article on Mastectomy in JAMA

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Several CBSSM faculty contributed to an article by lead author Monica Morrow, MD, that appeared recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The authors investigated the concern that mastectomy is overused in the US. In surveying 1,984 patients, they found that 75% had breast-conserving surgery as their initial surgical therapy. Of these, 38% required additional surgery. Although breast-conserving surgery was recommended by surgeons and attempted in the majority of patients evaluated, the mastectomy rate was affected by surgeon recommendation, patient decision, and failure of breast-conserving surgery. CBSSM faculty contributing to this article were Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil; Amy K. Alderman, MD; Jennifer J. Griggs, MD, MPH; and Sarah T. Hawley, PhD. Other authors included Ann A. Hamilton, PhD; John J. Graff, PhD; and Steven J. Katz, MD, MPH. Read the article at