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2013 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture in Bioethics

2011 Inaugural Bishop Lecture featuring John Lantos, MD

2012 Bishop Lecture featuring Jerome Groopman, MD and Pamela Hartzband, MD

2013 Bishop Lecture featuring Ruth Macklin, PhD

2011 CBSSM Research Colloquium

2012 CBSSM Research Colloquium

2013 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (Ruth Macklin, PhD)

2014 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (Myra Christopher)

2014 Bishop Lecture featuring Myra Christopher

Bioethics Grand Rounds with Jeffrey Punch, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds with Aisha Langford, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Barbara Koenig, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Stephanie Kukora, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Sandra Wong, MD, MS.

CBSSM Seminar: Kevin Kerber, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Michele Gornick, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Yael Shinar, MDiv

CBSSM Seminar: Francesca Tentori, MD, MS

CBSSM Seminar: Leigh Turner, PhD, University of Minnesota (rescheduled)

CBSSM Seminar: Jill A. Fisher, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Lauren Wancata, MD

CBSSM Seminar & Decision Consortium: Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Janet Childerhose, PhD


PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group

2015 Bishop Lecture featuring Lawrence O. Gostin, J.D., LL.D. (Hon.)

2015 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (Lawrence O. Gostin, J.D., LL.D Hon.)

PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group


PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group


PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group


PIHCD Working Group: Lauren Wancata



PIHCD Working Group

PIHCD Working Group: Darin Zahuranec and Donald Likoski

PIHCD Working Group: Michael McKee

PIHCD Working Group: Aaron Scherer, PhD

PIHCD Working Group: Katie Williams


IHPI Seminar Series with Drs. Fagerlin & Zikmund Fisher

PIHCD: Tanner Caverly

CBSSM Seminar: Lloyd Akrong, M.Sc. (Maastricht)

PIHCD Meeting: Tom Valley

PIHCD Working Group: Angie Fagerlin

CBSSM Seminar: Wendy Kline, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Jodyn Platt, MPH, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Kirsten McCaffery, BSc (Hons), PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Jacob Solomon, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD

CBSSM Seminar: Darin Zahuranec, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Aaron Scherer, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Christian Vercler, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Jason Rose, PhD (Toledo)

CBSSM Seminar: Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Michael D. Fetters, MD, MPH, MA

CBSSM Seminar: Anna Kirkland, JD, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Reshma Jagsi, MD, PhD

"Still Alice" Film Screening & Moderated Discussion


PIHCD: Aaron Scherer

PIHCD: Angie Fagerlin

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Geoff Barnes

PIHCD: Darin Zahuranec and Kunal Bailoor

Bioethics Grand Rounds - Dr. Michael Jibson

CBSSM Seminar: Ching-hua Chen, User Experience Researcher, IBM Watson Group

PIHCD: Sameer Saini and Marisa Spencer

PIHCD: Michelle Moniz

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Sarah Alvarez

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Kevin Kerber and Will Meurer

PIHCD: Jon Keevil

PIHCD: Laura Sedig and Ray Hutchinson

PIHCD: Cancelled

2016 Bishop Lecture featuring William Dale, MD, PhD

2016 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (William Dale, MD, PhD)

Bioethics Grand Rounds: Robert Fastiggi, PhD

PIHCD: Stella Kang

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Tanner Caverly

Bioethics Grand Rounds: Janice Firn, MSW; Andrew Shuman, MD; Christian Vercler, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds: Musical Event "When Death Comes Callin"

Bioethics Grand Rounds: Paul Lichter, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds

PIHCD: Natalie Wheeler and Darin Zahuranec

PIHCD: Kunal Bailoor and Darin Zahuranec

PIHCD: Jessica Mellinger

PIHCD: Dan Spratt

PIHCD: Jacob Solomon and Sameer Saini

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Jacob Solomon

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Renu Tipirneni and Aaron Scherer

PIHCD: Aaron Scherer

PIHCD: Cancelled

PIHCD: Aaron Scherer, Brian Zikmund-Fisher, and Megan Knaus

PIHCD: Geoff Barnes

PIHCD: Holly Brine

PIHCD: Michele Gornick

PIHCD: Jacob Solomon

PIHCD: Stephanie Kukora

PIHCD: Tolu Olorode

CBSSM Seminar: Stephen Molldrem, PhD Candidate

CBSSM Seminar: Minal Patel, PhD, MPH

CBSSM Seminar: Paul A. Lombardo, PhD, JD

CBSSM Seminar: Sarah Hawley, PhD, MPH

CBSSM Seminar: Jeff Kullgren, MD, MS, MPH

CBSSM Seminar: Susan Goold & Zachary Rowe (DECIDERS Project)

CBSSM Seminar: Cheryl A. Moyer, MPH, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Twitter/Social Media

CBSSM Seminar: Dina Hafez Griauzde, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Martina T. Caldwell, MD


CBSSM Seminar: Tammy Chang, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

PIHCD: Kerry Ryan

PIHCD: Julie Wright

PIHCD: Zach Landis-Lewis

PIHCD: Sameer Saini and Kevin Platt

PIHCD: Michele Gornick

PIHCD:Melissa Cousino-Hood

PIHCD: Brian Zikmund-Fisher


CBSSM Seminar: Susan Goold, MD, MHSA, MA

CBSSM Seminar: Nancy Berlinger, PhD

Journeys in Genetics: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications

PIHCD: Sameer Saini

2017 Bishop Lecture featuring Norman Daniels, PhD

2017 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (Norman Daniels, PhD)

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Bioethics Grand Rounds

Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Learning Health Systems Symposium

PIHCD- Geoff Barnes

PIHCD: Michele Gornick

PIHCD- Matthew Corriere

CBSSM Seminar: Julie Wright Nunes, MD, MPH

PIHCD- Jacob Kurlander

"Concussion" Film Screening & Moderated Discussion

PIHCD- Sameer Saini/Kevin Platt

CBSSM Seminar: Lisa Lehmann, MD, PhD, MSc

Teach-Out Course: Reach Out and RELATE: Communicating and Understanding Scientific Research

PIHCD-Martina Caldwell

PIHCD- Martha Dabis & Ray De Vries

PIHCD-Ken Pituch

PIHCD-Davene Wright

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Scott Grant MD, MBE

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Anna Kirkland, JD, PhD

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Nicholson Price, Asst Professor of Law

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Lauren Smith, MD

PIHCD-Jacob Seagull

PIHCD- Stephanie Kukora, MD

PIHCD- Tom Valley

PIHCD- Joy Chang

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Susan Goold, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Timothy R. B. Johnson, M.D.

CBSSM Seminar: Peter Jacobson, J.D., M.P.H.

CBSSM Seminar: Roi Livne, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Jan Van den Bulck, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Christina Hunter Chapman, M.D., M.S.

Pediatric Grand Rounds: Futility Revisited: Prudence and “Parental Permission to Stop”


CBSSM Seminar: Terri Voepel-Lewis, RN, PhD

CBSSM Seminar: Laura Scherer, PhD



CBSSM Seminar: Matthew Kay, PhD, MS

CBSSM Seminar: Peter A Ubel, MD

MSU Bioethics Brownbag: Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD

Working Group Meeting- Megan Adams

Working Group Meeting- Kayte Spector-Bagdady

Working Group Meeting- Kerry Ryan/Michele Gornick/Darin Zahuranec

Panel Discussion: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genetics and Newborn Screening

Working Group Meeting- Jeff Dewitt

ELSI-LHS Symposium

Conference on Bioethics: First Do No Harm: Avoiding Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Medicine

Working Group Meeting- Beth Wallace

Working Group Meeting- Kunal Bailoor

Bioethics Grand Rounds- Janice Firn, PhD & Tom O'Neil, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Kevin Platt/Sameer Saini

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Jackie Miller/Lexi Antunez

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Michele Gornick

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Geoff Barnes/David Kopin

Berguer Lecture on Ethics: Brian Zikmund-Fisher, PhD

Working Group Meeting- Haoyang Yan

Working Group Meeting- Andrea Oliverio/Julie Wright

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Jacob Kurlander

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Matt Corriere

Bioethics Grand Rounds-Deborah Berman, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Rana Awdish, MD

The Google of Healthcare: Kayte Spector-Bagdady

Bioethics Grand Rounds: “Examining the Ethics of Victors Care”

Woll Family Speaker Series: Debate on Conscience Protection

2018 CBSSM Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture (Barbara Koenig, PhD)

2018 Bishop Lecture featuring Barbara Koenig, PhD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Elliott Tapper, MD

Patient Education ForUM w/Scott Roberts, PhD

Emergent Research Series: The Google of Healthcare w/Kayte Spector-Bagdady

Bioethics Grand Rounds- Katelyn Bennett- Social Media and the "Medutainment" Phenomenon

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Tanner Caverly, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Jeff DeWitt, PhD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Kayte Spector Bagdady, JD, MBE

CBSSM Working Group Meeting- Lesli Skolarus

Bioethics Grand Rounds

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Chithra Perumalswami, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting- Leslie Skolarus, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting- Ravi Srinivasa, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting- Emily Chen/ Julie Wright, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds: “Ethical and Practical Approaches to Drug Shortages.”

CBSSM Seminar: Chithra Perumalswami, MD, MSc

Bioethics Grand Rounds: Naomi Laventhal, MD "Pediatric Care Before Birth: Complex Perinatal Care Coordination and Decision-Making at Michigan Medicine"

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Suraj Suresh, MD /Anoop Prabhu, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Scott Stonington, MD, PhD

Bioethics Grand Rounds

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Lesly Dossett, MD/Jackie Miller

CBSSM Seminar: Scott L. Greer, Ph.D.

CBSSM Seminar: Dominic Sisti, Ph.D.


CBSSM Seminar: Geoffrey Barnes, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Scott Roberts, PhD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Andy Shuman, MD & Susan Goold MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting - Eric Weinlander

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Sameer Saini/Elissa Ozanne

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Reshma Jagsi, MD/Megan Knaus

Panel: Sexual Harassment in Medicine

Bioethics Grand Rounds "Clinical Innovations Near the Boundary of Viability- The Artificial Placenta"

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Jacob Kurlander, MD

IHPI Seminar: Helping Patients in High-Deductible Health Plans Get the Care They Need at a Price They Can Afford (Kullgren)

Patient Experience Learning Forum "Ethics and the Patient Experience"

CBSSM Seminar: Amy Pienta, PhD

CBSSm Seminar: Jennifer J. Griggs, M.D., M.P.H.

CBSSM Seminar: TBD

CBSSM Seminar: Christian Vercler, MD, MA & Andrew Shuman, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Beth A. Tarini, MD, MS

CBSSM Seminar: Lesly Dossett, MD, MPH

CBSSM Seminar: Allison Kurian, MD, MSc

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Sameer Saini, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Barbara McQuade, JD

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Benjamen Berkman

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Alexander Langerman, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Joy Chang, MD

CBSSM Working Group Meeting-Kelly Paradis, MD

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD, MBE

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Sagar Deshpande

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Alex Minna Stern, PhD

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Alethia Battles, MSW

Bioethics Grand Rounds -

Bioethics Grand Rounds -Sharla Rent, MD

Akbar Waljee, MD, MSc

CBSSM Seminar: Sameer Saini, MD

CBSSM Seminar: Megan Haymart, MD

CBSSM Seminar: A. Yeşim Orhun, PhD