Clinical Ethics Service

Clinical Ethics Service


The Clinical Ethics Service within CBSSM represents an expansion of existing services designed to promote a culture of patient-centered excellence by developing a comprehensive set of ethics-related activities. The aims of this service are to: liaise with and provide support to the adult and pediatrics ethics committees; streamline clinical ethics consultation; assist with ethics-related policy development on a regular and proactive basis; organize and administer structured educational programs in clinical ethics; and coordinate empiric research with relevance to clinical ethics within CBSSM.


The Clinical Ethics Service is led by the chairs of the adult and pediatric ethics committees and consultation services, Christian J. Vercler, MD, MA and Andrew G. Shuman, MD. A dedicated clinical ethicist manages the service on a daily basis. A cadre of seven faculty ethicists rotate on service throughout the year and work closely with the clinical ethicist. Trainees and students rotate as well. Dedicated administrative support is organized through CBSSM. For an overview of the service, please click here to view an informative slide presentation.

Clinical Ethics Consultation Service

The Clinical Ethics Service offers adult and pediatric ethics consultation services across Michigan Medicine, and are available 24/7/365. More information about the adult and pediatric ethics committees and consultation services can be found on the Adult Ethics Committee and Pediatric Ethics Committee web pages.

Preventative Ethics

The concept of preventative ethics is critical in anticipating, navigating and mitigating potential conflicts and tensions before they become true ethical dilemmas or crises, and necessitate formal consults. This model facilitates awareness and proactive decision-making on the part of patients, families, trainees and staff, and creates a more visible presence for ethics in the health system. The Clinical Ethics Service offers regular preventative ethics rounds in a variety of care settings across Michigan Medicine.

Educational Program

Medical ethics is an integral component of contemporary education for all clinicians. There is a vibrant program for longitudinal ethics education within the medical school, and a more intensive curriculum as part of its path of excellence program. The Clinical Ethics Service provides a robust program for longitudinal education and awareness of clinical ethics for Michigan Medicine staff and trainees.


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Clinical Ethics Service Co-Chiefs: Christian J. Vercler, MD, MA & Andrew G. Shuman, MD
Administrative contact: Amy Lynn –  734-615-8377