Chithra Perumalswami, MD, MSc

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Dr. Perumalswami was a CBSSM postdoctoral research fellow, 2018-2021.

Dr. Perumalswami is a health services researcher. Her scholarly work focuses on quality of health care at the end of life, particularly for vulnerable adult populations in which health care disparities are evident. She has additional expertise examining issues that disproportionately affect women, including physician burnout, sexual harassment, and variable access to health care services. She has a Master of Science in Health and Health Care Research through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Clinical Scholars Program. Her clinical training includes internal medicine and palliative medicine, as well as relevant clinical and quality improvement project experience as a hospitalist for several years after residency. As a fellow in the CBSSM, she honed her additional experiential training in bioethics and social science methodologies.