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As the pandemic enters a new phase, and talk of getting “back to normal” fades in the face of surging cases of COVID-19 and lagging vaccination against it, a new study suggests a need to check on the mental health of people over 50.

Based on a poll of more than 2,000 older adults nationwide, researchers from the University of Michigan recommend that health providers screen older adults for symptoms of depression, anxiety and sleep problems brought on or worsened by the pandemic, and help them connect to resources and care.

Certain groups – those 50 to 64, women, those with higher levels of education and those who say their physical health is fair or poor – are more likely to have experienced worsened mental health during the first nine months of the pandemic, the study shows.


Most older adults are not using tax-advantaged savings accounts to save for future health expenses, a new poll of people age 50 to 80 suggests, and those who do are more likely to have high incomes and education levels, and to be in good health and under Medicare eligibility age.

At the same time, 18% of people age 50 to 80 are not at all confident that they’ll have enough money to pay their share of health costs in the next year, and 15% have had trouble paying for health care in the past year, according to a new report from the National Poll on Healthy Aging. Some said that worries about costs made them delay seeking care in 2020 (13%), or kept them from seeking care they needed (12%).

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Misinformation is spreading on social media claiming that businesses aren’t allowed to ask customers if they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine because it would violate health privacy laws. CBSSM's Kayte Spector-Bagdady was recently interviewed about what HIPAA does or does not prohibit.


CBSSM Associate Director, Professor Kayte Spector-Bagdady gets the last word in this WWMT News story about vaccination of healthcare workers and patients' ability to ask if their provider is vaccinated. See link below for more.

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Health experts weigh in on state’s new incentives to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19. Check out CBSSM Associate Director, Dr. Brian Zikmund-Fisher's comments on Michigan's vaccine lottery in the links below.