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Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) today held a roundtable with Michigan Medicine to discuss the impacts of and potential solutions to the cancer drug shortage affecting patients and health syste

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Researchers set out to find what older folks thought of DTC tests, whether they use them and how often they reported their results to a physician who could provide care if there was a problem.

"As more companies bring these direct-to-consumer tests to market, and buy ads promoting them, it's important for health care providers and policymakers to understand what patients might be purchasing, what they're doing with the results, and how that fits into the broader clinical and regulatory picture," said Dr. Jeffrey Kullgren. He directs the National Poll on Healthy Aging from the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

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For women, privacy and control over health information has never been more important, as the U.S. continues its abortion access fight and as some states criminalize the procedure. But beyond the political debate, knowledge gaps on the actual protections for and control of digital health data may lead to severe consequences.


Study shows members of public are most likely to want notification if commercial researchers may use identifiable health information – even more than for research on biospecimens.


Intentionally vague laws surrounding abortion access are putting women at risk in states where the procedure has been banned. Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD, MBioethics, CBSSM's Associate Director, tells WDET’s Russ McNamara that the pressure to do the ethical thing should not be on doctors, but on legislators and judges who are creating and enforcing laws that put women – and their clinicians – at risk.