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Working group meetings provide an opportunity for investigators to receive feedback on research proposals, drafts of papers, grant applications, or any other aspects of projects at any stage of development. This meeting is designed as an informal working group not a formal presentation. For more details look under the How We Can Help section.

CBSSM is committed to maintaining our research community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Working Group Meetings will take place virtually using  Zoom, which enables us to have our lively and constructive feedback discussions.

To see the schedule for upcoming meetings please check the Events calendar. The next working group meeting is listed below.

Summer working group meetings will be scheduled as requested. If you are interested in scheduling or have questions please contact Amy @

Upcoming Meetings

Date Details Location Time
Tue, September 28, 2021 Working Group Meeting | Jacob Kurlander, MD

Jacob Kurlander, MD, Clinical Lecturer in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, will be seeking feedback on an interview guide related to a patient activation tool. The study aims to reduce gastrointestinal bleeding risk for patients on multiple blood-thinning medications by making some simple medication changes using a multi-component intervention that involves sending a notification message to clinicians, and sending an activation guide to patients.

Join Zoom Meeting HERE | Meeting ID: 954 8978 9110 | Passcode: cbssm

Zoom 4:00pm