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It's our pleasure to announce that Dr. Sarah Vordenberg will be the recipient of the College of Pharmacy's 2020 Teaching Excellence Award. A total of 101 nominations (88% from BSPS, PharmD and PhD students; 8% from faculty; and 4% from staff) for the award were received.

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Our congratulations go out to Dr. Michelle Heisler who recently received the 2019 HSR&D Dan Deykin Mentor Award.


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CBSSM's Kayte Spector-Bagdady recently wrote an opinion piece in USA Today focsisng on the secondary use of research data and specimens. In this piece, she defends the choice of University of Washington researchers to re-purpose flu swabs for COVID19 testing despite government opposition. The full article can be found below.


Many breast cancer patients wrongly believe that having both breasts removed — a double mastectomy — will improve their chance of survival, one study has found. “Our finding that so many women are receiving much more extensive surgery than needed to treat their disease is striking,” said study lead author Dr. Reshma Jagsi. Researchers surveyed more than 1,900 women treated for breast cancer and found that nearly half of them had considered having a double mastectomy. Many who had the more aggressive surgery had no risk factors, such as family history of breast cancer, that would increase their odds for cancer in the second breast.