Therapeutic Misconception and the Ethics of Sham Surgery Controls in PD Research (2009-2013)

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Funded by the NIH.

Funding Years: 2009-2013

This project addresses the ethical challenges of human subject Research when subjects with serious illnesses are enrolled in Clinical Trials involving Sham Surgery Controls. In particular, it will enhance the mission of NINDS by focusing on the Ethics of sham surgery Controls in Parkinson's disease neurosurgical trials-a design that is increasingly used in Testing novel Surgical interventions for PD. Specifically, the results of this study will provide important insights into how to minimize or even eliminate serious misconceptions or misunderstandings on the part of participants that may compromise the quality of their consent. For more information, visit NIH Reporter.

PI(s): Scott Kim, Raymond De Vries

Co-I: H. Myra Kim