Jacob Solomon, PhD

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Dr. Jacob Solomon was a CBSSM Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2015-2017.

Jacob Solomon completed a PhD in Media and Information Studies at Michigan State University in 2015. His research is focused on Human-Computer Interaction and Human Factors Engineering where he studies how the design of interactive systems affects users’ behavior. His research merges methods from social sciences with computer and information science to design, build, and evaluate socio-technical systems.

His work looks at how the design of interfaces between people and algorithms, artificial intelligence, or similarly complex computational technologies affects decision making. He studies how users’ beliefs about how these technologies work influence their willingness to follow the recommendations they make or use the information they provide in their decision making. He is working to apply this work to the design of intelligent decision aids that use sophisticated computation to present information or make recommendations to patients or providers about health and medical decisions.

Dr. Solomon is currently a Senior User Researcher at athenahealth.