David Sandberg, PhD

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Dr. Sandberg is a pediatric psychologist and clinical researcher.  As a pediatric psychologist, he delivers psychoeducational and behavioral health services to persons with endocrine disorders and their families, in particular, conditions affecting linear growth or disorders of sex development (DSD), i.e., congenital conditions in which development of sex chromosomes, gonads or sex anatomy is atypical.

Dr. Sandberg’s research program is closely linked to his clinical service and includes the study of psychosocial aspects of short stature and the effects of growth hormone on quality of life outcomes.  His research group also examines the psychosocial adaptation of persons born with DSD, and their families. He is currently principal investigator (with Eric Vilain, MD, PhD) of the DSD – Translational Research Network, a NIH-sponsored clinical research network designed to expand discovery and establish best practices in the management of DSD.  He is also the principal investigator of a PCORI-funded project designed to deliver a decision support tool for parents of children recently diagnosed with DSD.  Other NIH-funded projects include development of a psychoeducational treatment manual for healthcare providers caring for newborns with congenital adrenal hyperplasia identified by newborn screen and he is designing health-related quality of life measures for individuals with DSD and their families.

Dr. Sandberg’s research findings are readily translated to ongoing patient care as evidenced by his participation in recent international consensus conferences addressing practice guidelines for idiopathic short stature and DSD.

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