Aaron Scherer, PhD

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Dr. Aaron Scherer was a CBSSM Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2014-2016. Aaron earned his PhD in Psychology from the University of Iowa and utilizes methodologies from social psychology, social cognition, and neuropsychology to study the causes and consequencdees of biased beliefs. His current research has focused on the causes and consequences of biased beliefs regarding health and politics.

One line of his research examines the causes of biased beliefs, primarily focusing on biased information seeking, highlighting the role that desirability (e.g., positive affect associated with being right; money) plays in biasing information seeking and subsequent confidence and decision making. His other line of research examines the consequences of biased beliefs across a variety of contexts such as the impact of comparative biases on intentions to change eating behaviors; metaphors on intentions to get vaccinated; and political stereotypes on political polarization.

Dr. Scherer is currently an Associate faculty member with the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa.