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Symptoms such as pain, fatigue and pruritus often went underrecognized among patients with breast cancer treated with radiotherapy, according to study results presented at the virtual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Black patients and younger patients appeared at significantly higher risk for symptom underrecognition, results showed. CBSSM's Director Reshma Jagsi was first author on this study.

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In a recent Hospital Finance podcast, CBSSM's Jeff Kullgren discusses his study on the use of Health Savings Accounts to save for health care expenses.  Dr. Kullgren and colleagues found that 1 in 3 Americans enrolled in high-deductible health plans lack a health savings account.


A recent front-page story in the Detroit Free Press quotes CBSSM's Associate Director, Brian Zikmund-Fisher, talking about public health messaging during the pandemic. Detroit Free Press reporter Kristen Shamus and Michigan Radio reporter Kate Wells contributed to this report.


Even before the pandemic, women physicians and researchers earned less, did more at home, and were lower on the professional ladder compared to men. A recent AAMC article highlights work by CBSSM's Director Reshma Jagsi and others around the issues of gender equity in medicine and the worrisome impact of COVID-19.

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According to a JAMA article by CBSSM's Director Reshma Jagsi and colleagues, most Americans find a number of common hospital fundraising practices ethically unacceptable. The study found that 85% of the people who took our survey agreed that patients feel good when they donate to the hospitals where they received their medical care. Yet 83% said they felt that when doctors talk with their patients about donating, it may interfere with the patient-physician relationship. And 91% said they believed that patients may feel pressure to donate if their doctor personally asks them to make a charitable contribution to support that hospital. The study was also recently highlighted in The Conversation.