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Jodyn Platt was interviewed for a recent Los Angeles Time article, "Alexa may be key to Amazon’s looming domination of the healthcare market." She points out that the health data collected by Amazon (and Amazon's Alexa app) will lead to Amazon's future growth in the healthcare marketplace.


Janice Firn's work in the area of healtchare ethics was highlighted by the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation (IHPI). Dr. Firn’s research focuses on interprofessional education and collaboration, clinical ethics, and clinician moral distress, burnout, and resilience. In IHPI News, she discusses her work to address ethical dilemmas in healthcare proactively, with the goal of promoting provider wellbeing and making the overall healthcare environment safer, more equitable, and more compassionate.

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Reshma Jagsi's clinical research, funded by the American Cancer Society (ACS), was highlighted in a recent ClickOn Detroit article. The ACS’s ResearcHERS campaign is a movement that engages and encourages women to raise money that directly supports women-led cancer research. The campaign has already raised more than $700,000 nationwide in hopes of supporting further works of women including Jagsi.


Reshma Jagsi's 2016 study that dealt with the issues of sexual harassment in medicine was highlighted in a recent Bloomberg article.

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