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A startling and disproportionate death rate among black Americans around the country from COVID-19 is revealing persistent social inequities and the need for solutions to address them. 


In a recent MLive article, CBSSM's Brian Zikmund-Fisher and Kayte Spector-Bagdady (among others) weigh the pros and cons of using zip codes to track COVID-19.

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For most women, the visit to the Ob-Gyn is routine and uneventful. But recent accusations of sexual misconduct have raised questions about how best to protect patients. CBSSM's Director, Reshma Jagsi was recently interviewed for a New York Times article, "Identifying Red Flags at the Ob-Gyn."


An editorial by Rebecca Pentz, PhD (Emory) and CBSSM's Andrew Shuman highlights three clinical research ethics considerations that are critical for our cancer research community. 


CBSSM's Brian Zikmund-Fisher and Sarah Vordenberg conducted a national survey to see how Americans age 65+ are obtaining medication refills as stay home orders reach 30 days. The results should be a call to action, both for older adults and for those who care about them.

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