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Kayte Spector-Bagdady and Nicholson Price were interviewed for the Medicine at Michigan article, "A Shadow of Oneself: How your everyday actions create unregulated health data."  They recently published a piece in Science about health care data that fall outside the scope of HIPAA regulations. When paired with existing health care information, these data, often collected online, are called “shadow” records. Less regulated than their HIPAA-bound counterparts, shadow records have proven helpful investigative tools for the medical field. However, there are concerns regarding the mishandling and selling of data, such as the potential for insurers to “identify high-cost patients to avoid,” or for targeted marketing strategies to exploit personal information.

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Kenneth Langa and James Burke wrote a Viewpoint in a recent edition of JAMA Internal Medicine about the potential for overdiagnosis and high costs if treatment for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease becomes widely used. Langa was also a co-author on a recent JAMA paper that addressed preventing dementia. Langa and his colleagues found that people with a healthier lifestyle had a lower risk for dementia in later life, even if they had genes that put them at high genetic risk.M Healthy

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In the UM SPH Population Healthy Podcast "Popular Genetics: How Learning About Our Genes Offers Both Benefits and Limitations," Scott Roberts examines the implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.


In a recent survey study published in JAMA Oncology, Reshma Jagsi and colleagues found that half of early career female oncologists said having children interfered with attending scientific concerences as compared to one-third of men. This study suggests onsite child care could open scientific conferences to more women attendees.

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