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When the state of Michigan expanded its Medicaid program to provide health coverage to more low-income residents, its leaders built special features into the plan, different from most states. They wanted to encourage enrollees to understand their individual health risks, and incentivize them to prevent future health problems, or find them early. According to two new studies, that effort has paid off.

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One in three adults treated for cancer may experience side effects from treatment they wish they had known more about, according to a new survey published today in the Journal of Oncology Practice. The national survey of more than 400 U.S. adults, which was sponsored by the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), also found that nine in 10 patients felt they made the right treatment decision despite the desire for more information about treatment side effects. CBSSM's Director, Reshma Jagsi was senior author.


A survey of Medical School faculty found that sexual harassment against medical faculty is alarmingly common. The study's authors argue that interventions must address sexual harassment, which affects mental health and career outcomes of male and female physicians. CBSSM's Reshma Jagsi and Timothy RB Johnson were co-authors on the study.


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