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Geoffrey Barnes is a cardiologist and a vascular medicine specialist at Michigan Medicine, and a health services researcher who studies health system design and how to improve the safety of medication care. His work is highlighted in a recent IHPI profile and video.

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Timothy RB Johnson and Kayte Spector-Bagdady were recently interviewed about a proposed behavioral economics study of female genital multilation in Kenya. The study has been rejected four times by UCSD due, in part, to ethical concerns.

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An institutional report card for gender equity representing more than 500 institutions worldwide reveals that women are not equally promoted, recruited or retained to senior roles, and that policies to support women in science are lacking. The report, published in Cell Stem Cell, was coordinated by teams at the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute and the University of Michigan. It included more than 1,200 report cards from 541 institutions, collected over the past four years. CBSSM Director, Reshma Jagsi was study co-lead.

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Reshma Jagsi was recently interviewed for the Forbes article, "Female Physicians Reject 'Good Enough'" regarding the gender gap in physician pay.

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Raymond De Vries was recently cited in the Toronto Globe & Mail on a case of alleged scientific misconduct by researchers at the University of Toronto.