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A recent New York Times Op/ed piece by Nila Bala discusses therisks of sharing of children's DNA information. She argues that by uploading their children’s genetic information on public websites, parents are forever exposing their children's personal health data. She also quotes a 2018 Smithsonian Magazine interview by CBSSM's Naomi Laventhal on the topic.

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing kits are popular holiday gifts. But they come with privacy risks and can lead to unwelcome surprises. In this Consumer Reports article, CBSSM's Scott Roberts discusses some of the risks and concerns related to DTC genetic testing.


Reshma Jagsi, was among the women leaders in oncology who discussed their experiences of gender bias in the use of professional titles in The Cancer Letter. A study led by Narjust Duma found that women speakers were addressed less often by their professional titles and men were less likely to use professional titles when introducing women.

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