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An editorial by Rebecca Pentz, PhD (Emory) and CBSSM's Andrew Shuman highlights three clinical research ethics considerations that are critical for our cancer research community. 


CBSSM's Brian Zikmund-Fisher and Sarah Vordenberg conducted a national survey to see how Americans age 65+ are obtaining medication refills as stay home orders reach 30 days. The results should be a call to action, both for older adults and for those who care about them.

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A New England Journal of Medicine perspective by Michelle Mello, Stanford Professor of Law, and CBSSM's Director, Reshma Jagsi outlines the ethical obligation health professionals have to calling out sexual harassment or gender bias.

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In a recent AAP News commentary, CBSSM's Naomi Laventhal discusses the moral dilemmas facing pediatricians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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