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The data is clear: for patients with early stage breast cancer, certain operations risk more harm than good — increasing the risk of medical complications, missed work and health care costs without

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As the medical director for Physicians for Human Rights, CBSSM's Michele Heisler provides guidance in a recent Consumer Reports article on how to stay safe while protesting. People protesting police violence in the U.S. have faced tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, and the ever-present threat of COVID-19. Dr. Heisler was also quoted in Newsweek on how the use of tear gas against protesters increases pandemic health risks.


In a recent New England Journal of Medicine perspective, Kayte Spector-Bagdady and colleagues present an approach to ethically advancing medical discovery and innovation through big data while also respecting the trust of patients and research participants.


In recent Washington Post articles, CBSSM's Geoff Barnes weighs in on how doctors have had to rapidly learn the many ways COVID-19 impacts the human body and identify ways to treat it, as well as the importance of understanding and defining the benefits or risks of potential treatments.

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In a recent MLive article, CBSSM's Associate Director, Brian Zikmund-Fisher discusses Michigan's mask mandate and how these protective benefits are amplified with increased compliance. Dr. Zikmund-Fisher also discusses the importance of behavioral modeling.

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