CBSSM Seminar -Joel Howell, MD, PhD

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Wed, May 13, 2020, 2:00pm
Zoom Conference

Joel Howell, MD, PhD- "Alexis St. Martin and William Beaumont: The ethics of human experimentation in 19th century Michigan"

Alexis St. Martin was a fur trader who came to Mackinac Island to sell his goods in 1822.  While waiting outside the general store, an accidental shotgun blast blew a hole in his side. Amazingly, he survived, albeit with a permanent opening into his stomach.  An army surgeon, William Beaumont, used St. Martin as an experimental subject for what was arguably the first basic science research to be done in the US.  In this presentation I will ask how we should think about the ethics of the relationship between this 19th century physician and human subject.

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