Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) (2012-2022)

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Founded in 2006, MICHR develops research talent through its predoctoral and postdoctoral education programs; helps investigators launch their ideas through pilot grant funding and consultation; connects researchers with community groups, clinics, practice-based networks, and potential study volunteers; and supports research teams with clinical research management services, including biostatistical design and analysis, study management and monitoring, data management, a clinical trials office for industry partnerships, and a fully-equipped and professionally-staffed clinical research unit.

PI(s): Sara Adar

Co-I(s): Robert Bagramanian, Cleopatra Caldwell, Dana Dolinoy, Vicki Ellingrod, Karen Farris, William Giannobile, Kyle Grazier, Janet Larson, Phyllis Meadows, Hal Morgenstern, Douglas Noll, Trivellore Raghunathan, Dean Smith, Catherine Spino, Marita Titler, Alexander Tsodikov, Mark Van Oyen, Roger Albin, Neil Alexander, Lawrence An, Brian Athey, Charles Burant, James Cavalcoli, Arul Chinnaiyan, Daniel Clauw, Matthew Davis, Scott Flanders, Michael Geisser, Debbie Gipson, Susan Goold, Lee Green, David Hanauer, Sarah Hawley, Raymond Hutchinson, Lori Isom, Claire Kalpakjian, Michael Klinkman, Nicholas Lukacs, George Mashour, Bethany Moore, Susan Murphy, Gilbert Omenn, Michelle Riba, Blake Roessler, Mark Russell, Thomas Shanley, Donna Shewach, Yolanda Smith, Delia Vazquez, Stewart Wang, John Wiley, David Williams, Sandra Wong, Kai Zheng, Marc Zimmerman, Anna Kratz, Barbara Brush, Kelley Kidwell, David Gordon, Brooks Gross, Elizabeth Koschmann, Alan Weder