Health, Justice, and Community

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The research program theme in Health, Justice and Community is led by Dr. Susan Dorr Goold, a Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Health Management and Policy at the School of Public Health.  The research program aims to improve knowledge, understanding and practice in resource allocation and distributive justice, ethics of health policy (public and private) and community engagement, with the overarching goal of improving health equity.  Scholarly approaches to the important and enduring questions include a variety of social science methods as well as conceptual and philosophical analysis. Surveys, mixed methods research, community-based participatory research and deliberative procedures represent particular strengths. Research that falls within this programmatic area includes topics such as:

  • Deliberative public views on health and health care spending priorities (Susan Goold)
  • Resource allocation decisions by local public health officials (Susan Goold)
  • Public views about policies during public health emergencies
  • Community priorities for health research (Susan Goold)
  • Reproductive justice (Lisa Harris)
  • Physicians’ and patients’ views about physician stewardship (Susan Goold)
  • Conflicts of interest and obligation for physicians and scientists
  • Ways to ameliorate health disparities (Susan Goold)

CBSSM investigators involved with this program are Susan Dorr Goold, MD, MHSA, MA, Reshma Jagsi, MD, PhD, and Kathryn Moseley, MD, MPH.