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Mick Couper, PhD, and Brian Zikmund-Fisher, PhD, have received additional funding from the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making for continuing analysis of their groundbreaking National Surveyof Medical Decisions. This telephone survey of 3,010 English-speaking adultsover the age of 40 targeted decisions related to nine issues: hypertensionmedication, hypercholesterolemia medication, depression medication, colorectal cancer screening, breast cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, knee/hip replacement surgery, cataract surgery, and surgery for lower back pain. Drs.Couper and Zikmund-Fisher seek to clarify how details of patients' decision-making processes might vary across a variety of conditions.

Ed Goldman was awarded a Rackham Michigan Meetings grant to put on a three-day conference on international aspects of reproductive justice, scheduled for May 29 - June 1, 2013.  The conference will ask how academia can set its research agenda to help further the goals of advocacy groups, focusing on ways to transmit medically accurate facts to various decision-makers (legislators, governments, etc.).

Andrea Fuhrel-Forbis, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, is a co-investigator on a recent award from the Helen L. Kay Pediatric Cancer Research Award.  The PI is Amanda Dempsey in Pediatrics, and the project is entitled, "Hormonal responses to patient education materials and their relationship to HPV vaccination intention and behaviors." 

Dr. Naomi Laventhal has received the Holden Research Fund Award for her research entitled, "Off-label use of therapeutic hypothermia in the newborn intensive care units: A survey of U.S. neonatologists."

Dr. Susan Goold is the recipient of a Greenwall Foundation grant for her research, "Doctors as Stewards: Where are We and Where Do We Need to Go?"  The Greenwall Foundation was established in 1949 and is known for its interdisciplinary program in bioethics. 

J. Scott Roberts, PhD, received an R01 grant from NHGRI for a project that will describe the characteristics of consumers of DTC genetic services and to evaluate the psychological and behavioral impact of these services.

Raymond G. De Vries, Ph.D., together with M. Nieuwenhuijze, gave a talk at the 7th International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in May 2011.

Raymond G. De Vries, Ph.D., gave his inaugural lecture on the occasion of assuming professorship at Maastricht University in May 2011. 

Raymond G. De Vries, Ph.D., gave a talk at the David C. Thomasma International Bioethics Retreat, Cambridge UK, in June 2011.

Raymond G. De Vries, Ph.D., gave a talk at North Park University, Chicago, IL, in March 2011.