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We are announcing available positions for faculty ethicists in our Clinical Ethics Service. This service is hosted by CBSSM and provides the resources to expand and improve existing clinical ethics services across the institution.

Sarah Hawley's perspective piece, "Half of women with early-stage breast cancer consider prophylactic double mastectomy" was recently published in Healio ITJ (in the journals).

Wendy Uhlmann, Scott Roberts, and Ray De Vries will serve as panelists on Monday, September 11th for FINDING COMMON GROUND: A Conversation on Genetics and Religion at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library.

Research Topics: 

A new study finds that more than half of women with early stage breast cancer consider an aggressive surgery to remove both breasts. The way women generally approach big decisions, combined with their values, affects which breast cancer treatment they think about, the study also found. CBSSM members, Sarah Hawley and Reshma Jagsi, were authors on this study.

Vaccine refusal has an impact on public health; however, research has shown that it is very difficult to change attitudes towards vaccines. People are often hesitant about vaccines because they don’t trust that potential harms are documented and reported. The question is: how can we increase trust and vaccine utilization?