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Kenneth Langa and James Burke wrote a Viewpoint in a recent edition of JAMA Internal Medicine about the potential for overdiagnosis and high costs if treatment for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease becomes widely used. Langa was also a co-author on a recent JAMA paper that addressed preventing dementia. Langa and his colleagues found that people with a healthier lifestyle had a lower risk for dementia in later life, even if they had genes that put them at high genetic risk.M Healthy

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In the UM SPH Population Healthy Podcast "Popular Genetics: How Learning About Our Genes Offers Both Benefits and Limitations," Scott Roberts examines the implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.


In a recent survey study published in JAMA Oncology, Reshma Jagsi and colleagues found that half of early career female oncologists said having children interfered with attending scientific concerences as compared to one-third of men. This study suggests onsite child care could open scientific conferences to more women attendees.

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Jodyn Platt was interviewed for a recent Los Angeles Time article, "Alexa may be key to Amazon’s looming domination of the healthcare market." She points out that the health data collected by Amazon (and Amazon's Alexa app) will lead to Amazon's future growth in the healthcare marketplace.


Janice Firn's work in the area of healtchare ethics was highlighted by the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation (IHPI). Dr. Firn’s research focuses on interprofessional education and collaboration, clinical ethics, and clinician moral distress, burnout, and resilience. In IHPI News, she discusses her work to address ethical dilemmas in healthcare proactively, with the goal of promoting provider wellbeing and making the overall healthcare environment safer, more equitable, and more compassionate.

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