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In a Michigan Health Blob, Geoff Barnes talks about several warning signs that might indicate a man needs immediate care for their heart health.

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This BBC Business Daily program focuses on the commerical boom in home DNA testing kits. Manuela Saragosa looks at how the enormous head start these companies have over public sector DNA research initiatives may be skewing medical research.


Every American has official medical records, locked away in the computers and file cabinets of their doctors’ offices and hospitals, and protected by strict privacy laws. But most people don’t think about their other medical record—the informal “shadow” one they generate during everyday life. In a new article in the journal Science, a team of experts led by two University of Michigan researchers calls for attention to this shadow record. CBSSM's Kayte Spector-Bagdady is senior author.


Check out new JAMA Oncology piece on how new research regulations can confound life-saving cancer research and how justice implications of "identifiability" should be assessed for cell lines. Kayte Spector-Bagdady and Andrew Shuman are lead and senior author, respectively.

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A recented study presented by Ian Thomas, MD, shows that a simple communication tool helps triple the number of babies with congenital heart conditions who experience family bonding before medical interventions. The language for thhe communication tool was developed by a multidisciplinary team at Michigan Medicine led by Sarah Gelehrter, MD and Naomi Laventhal, MD.