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Kathryn Moseley, MD, received a $2.16 million grant over 5 years from the NIH for a study designed to reduce the disparity in SIDS deaths between African American and White infants. 

Brian Zikmund-Fisher, PhD, is the featured guest editor for a special supplement to Medical Decision Making's September/October 2010 issue, highlighting the DECISIONS stud

The Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine (CBSSM) is a new center in the Medical School, created by the recent merger of the Bioethics Program with the Center for Behavioral and Decisio

The article, "The DECISIONS Study: A Nationwide Survey of United States Adults Regarding 9 Common Medical Decisions," authored by Brian Zikmund-Fisher et al.

Maria Silveira, MD, MPH, is the lead author on an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (April 1, 2010) on end-of-life decision making.