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Jacob Seagull, PhD and team were awarded the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize for the A Comprehensive Training Portal for Clinicians Serving At-Risk Populations.

Andrew Barnosky has recently been chosen as the President-Elect of the Washtenaw County Medical Society.  This is a significant honor and a wonderful venue for a thoughtful and dedicated academic c

James Burke was selected as the Gilbert S. Omenn Fellow by the National Academy of Medicine.


Stephanie Kukora won a Faculty Award for Clinical Investigation/Health Services Research at the 26th Annual Pediatric Research Symposium for her work on prenatal counseling: Prognostic Failure and Decisional Mismatch in Antenatal Neonatology Consultation.

Jeff Kullgren recently received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to carry out a national survey to examine the extent to which consumers who are in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) engage in behaviors that help them optimize value. The goal of the project is to inform policymakers, payers, health systems, providers and consumers about the frequency and perceived effects of value-promoting consumer behaviors in HDHPs. Visit this link to learn more!