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In order to better serve our faculty needs, we have merged the Bioethics Working Group (BWG) with the Program in Health Communication and Decision Making (PICHD) Working Group. Both working groups have similar goals and many of the project presented at these working groups touch both on bioethics and health communication and decision making.

Working group meetings provide an opportunity for investigators to receive feedback on research proposals, drafts of papers, grant applications, or any other aspects of projects at any stage of development. These sessions are to help move forward a project in any stage of its development. So if your project is in the works, in the planning stages, or perhaps it is still just an idea, you design the session and determine how to best solicit the help and support of your colleagues.

Some examples could be:
  • Outline sketch of specific aims for a grant. (Presenter would provide a one page summary before the session)
  • Outline of a proposed paper or paper in draft stage. (Discussion would be based on one page summary. Presenter would walk the group through the outline or draft, and solicit feedback on significance and coherence of ideas)
  • Determining a paper’s relevance. (Presenter could ask group members to read a paper, in order to discuss/determine if that paper is crucial to the project that the person has in mind-- different from a journal club exercise.)

PIHCD usually meets on Wednesday or Thursdays at 2 or 3 pm in B004E. To be added to the PIHCD email list, contact Nicole Exe at nexe@umich.edu OR join our email list.